Pilates Packaging & Pricing Sunshine Coast | Barre Class Template
Escape from every day and be part of our unique Retreat, offering tranquility that is perfect for your choice of movement activity. Whether you’re doing a personal rejuvenation.
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Tensegrity Studio operates on an appointment only basis. Please note that a 24 hour cancellation notice is necessary to avoid incurring the cost of an arranged class or session.  All pre-purchased packages have an expiry date and packaging rules.


Some private Health funds will pay for Pilates so we encourage you to check with your fund to see what their policies are. 

Individual 1 hour assessment and programming.


Initial Full Assessment:  $80
Ongoing Private Session:  $77
Private Package of 10:  $730
Private Package of  5:  $375

These sessions are recommended prior to entering studio sessions so that your individual needs can be carefully assessed. Fundamentals of the Pilates Method are introduced during these one-to-one sessions.

Studio session pricing 3 to 4 people per instructor

Single session: $40
10 sessions: $335 (12 week expiry)
5 sessions $175 (6 week expiry)
2 sessions/week membership: $57

(weekly expiry & payable regardless of attendance, exception pre-planned holidays. Missed sessions may be made up on any day of that week) 


Clients are taken through their individual programmes at their own pace. You’ll experience matwork and exercises on all the Pilates equipment under close supervision. These sessions are ideal for both injury rehabilitation & fitness.

Mat class pricing
2 to 8 people per class


One session: $22
10 sessions: $175 (10 week expiry)
Boot Camp: $40.00/week(3 classes/week)
-includes any Mat/Barre/Gyro or Pilates in the Pool (PIP) class

One-hour workout using traditional and Contemporary Pilates floor exercises. These exercises will tone abdominals, relieve back pain, relax neck and shoulders and improve posture.

Gyrokinesis & Garuda Sessions 2 to 6 people per class


One session: $22
10 sessions: $175 (12 week expiry)

These one-hour studio sessions are fast paced and use the highly dynamic technique of Gyrokinesis® to strengthen the body and mobilise the spine using spiral based motion and exercises to music.

Studio & Mat Class Combo Deals


1 mat & 1 studio per week: $47/week
1 mat & 2 studio per week: $75/week
(must use all sessions each week, similar to weekly Gym membership)

For achieving great results we recommend attending our highly tailored sessions twice a week made affordable with our combo deals.

Pilates Barre for Functional Movement
  • Feel the Burn


One session: $22
10 sessions: $175 (12 week expiry)
Body Combo: 1 Mat class & 1 Barre Class/week $30
(must use both sessions each week)

For feeling great, having fun and working your butt off at the Barre to great music. Come twice a week made affordable with our combo deal.


Escape from the everyday and be part of our unique Retreat, offering a tranquility that is perfect for your choice of movement activity. Whether you’re doing a personal rejuvenation retreat, or a Pilates & Somatic Therapy professional development you can enjoy the stunning views and friendly hospitality of our beautiful centre for health, education and wellbeing.

Develop skills & experience in the Pilates method, Somatics and Movement Therapy with exposure to innovative & inspiring workouts focusing on different themes each day. Then delve more deeply into your own body and personal practice with nationally & internationally recognised trainers in the fields of movement therapy and somatic education.

Enjoy daily healthy menus tailored to your needs … prepared from bountiful, seasonal, subtropical produce from our Sunshine Coast organic garden & the surrounding oceans and paddocks.

Morning Pilates & Garuda movement sessions above the valley … watching the sun rise over the majestic gum trees. Afternoons are your choice of coastal & Hinterland adventures or time for reflection & integration.

PILATES Barre, Reformer and Multifidus for a Healthy Spine


Ubud – Bali



Thursday 22 Oct – Tuesday 27 Oct




  • 5  nights  accommodation
  • Barre for Functional Movement Training
  • Reformer Intermediate/Advanced
  • I’ve Got Your Back – Multifidus for a Healthy Spine
  • Breakfasts & Afternoon Teas
  • Balinese Cultural adventures!
  • Airport transfers one way from Denpasar Airport
  • One Balinese Massage